10 Most Popular Play-to-Earn Games Of 2022

Blockchain technology enables play-to-earn games to reward players with cryptocurrency. A play-to-earn game is one where players can fight, breed, complete quests, or engage in other activities to earn money.

In P2P games, you earn digital assets that you can trade for real money within a virtual world based on the blockchain.

I’ve reviewed the best crypto, Metaverse, and NFT games for you:

1. Battle Infinity

IBAT Battle Games is a multiplayer game store where gamers on our platform can gain access to multiple NFT- based games to play and earn. In addition, players can buy and sell their gaming assets and characters in the IBAT Battle Market and their winning NFTs.

Battle Infinity is an upcoming P2E game that combines gaming with the virtual world to provide players with numerous benefits. Players can access six venues, with the IBAT Premier League offering a fantasy sports game integrated with the Metaverse.

To enter games and leagues, players must first purchase an NFT pass, which they may do by purchasing IBAT, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Then, the coin can be bought on Battle Swap, a marketplace for exchanging NFT passes and redeeming awards for other assets. Battle Market assigns values to assets and characters, which are typically worthless in the traditional game industry, and Battle Staking allows players to compete for the best prizes.

Players in the Battle Arena can customize their avatar by changing their haircut or attire by visiting the Battle Market. The Battle Market also lets you add headgear or jewelry. Players can access numerous NFT games and make money through the Battle Games platform. Players

Regular players can benefit from the global staking pool by getting a percentage of IBAT transaction costs. Owning IBAT also makes the ecosystem more robust, and players can use it to buy advertising space on platform billboards.

Players may keep up with the most recent news through the Battle Infinity Telegram group. Battle Infinity is an excellent choice for investors seeking for businesses with growth potential since it is on track to sell out its presale early due to strong demand from early investors.

2. Plant VS Undead

Plant vs. Undead is a very adaptable game, and its farm mode keeps you interested with the chance to accumulate light energy, which results in PVU tokens.

There is a way to profit from playing Plant vs. Undead when you control your in-game assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is a play-to-earn game as a result of this.

In this game, users can manage their farm and generate Light Energy and in-game money (LE).

These Light Energy tokens can currently be exchanged for Plant vs. Undead Token, a cryptocurrency token (PVU). Then, you can trade this coin on various decentralized

exchanges (DEXs).

You must collect seeds, complete daily tasks like watering other players’ plants, and generally do anything related to the farm to earn LE.

The Plant vs. Undead Token (PVU) is currently worth US$0.675261, making it a valuable token that, after playing the game for a while, could result in a sizable payout.

Additionally, you can sell NFT plants on the market, where less rare plants can fetch prices of over 100 PVU tokens, and ordinary NFT plants will sell for roughly 10 PVU tokens.

As a result, some players can raise plants to generate light tokens that can be exchanged for PVU, while others might concentrate on increasing NFT sales.

3. Spells of Genesis

Players in Spells of Genesis can improve their cards by merging them. A card may be tokenized onto the blockchain once it reaches its highest development. Additionally, players are given the option to mint their cards on whichever blockchain they desire because their system leverages First Oasis.

The puzzle game Spells of Genesis on the blockchain has a fantasy RPG vibe. However, this game’s unique selling point is that it’s among the top free play-to-earn cryptocurrency games that work with several blockchains.

This game offers more than 300 blockchain cards at the time of this writing. The blockchains Ethereum, Klaytn, and Bitcoin, are all compatible. A four-card deck serves as your team at first. Aim with your finger to shoot.

Please make an effort to take them out before they have a chance to fire. Spells play a significant part in the Spells of Genesis. Cards with periods have special abilities that can change your or your opponent’s cards. Attacks can increase the damage you do to your opponents and heal or protect your cards.

Upgrade to the highest level possible before fusing two of the same card together to create a more vital card. The fully leveled-up cards can be converted into an NFT and sold outside the game, or you can withdraw them to the blockchain wallet of your choice.

In essence, Spells of Genesis’ play-to-earn system compensates users with cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for real money for their time.

4. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a blockchain-powered virtual metaverse and AAA space exploration strategy game. Epic visuals, an engaging story, and a cutting-edge blockchain-based economic model with Play-to-Earn and other DeFi features are all features of the eagerly awaited match.

In the game, an alliance of alien creatures, sentient robots, and humans are the three main organizations that have emerged and are competing for resources. In addition, deflationary dynamics are incorporated into the game, whereby resources used to construct things are destroyed when a new one is generated.

For instance, your NFT spacecraft will be completely burned out and destroyed if you lose a battle with another player. Star Atlas becomes more challenging after you venture outside settlements with NPCs as residents.

You’ll be rewarded more lavishly for playing if you get it out alive. You will require SOL tokens to conduct transactions and keep track of NFTs in this game because it was created on the Solana blockchain. Players can earn money by trading ATLAS tokens and NFTs, both used to represent goods in the online marketplace.

5. Gods Unchained

The same team that developed Immutable X, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, also produced the game Gods Unchained.

This indicates that the game utilizes Immutable X, a decentralized application platform (dApp) that allows peer-to-peer trading between decentralized applications (dApps) and supports up to 9,000 transactions per second (TPS).

At the moment, Gods Unchained’s game director is Chris Clay, a former game director for Magic the Gathering. The trading card game Gods Unchained involves players engaging in combat with a deck of cards, core cards, and genesis cards.

The cards you acquire for free by playing the game are known as core cards. Players can purchase card packs instead of grinding if they like. These are no longer being produced but were sold before the game’s release.

Thus, to use them, you must purchase them from another player. The immutable X market allows purchasing and selling all the cards available in the game.

You need a supported wallet, such as MetaMask or another, since this marketplace only accepts Ethereum as payment. Each card has unique stats and levels of rarity; the higher the rarity, the higher the selling price.

Additionally, to play the game, you must create an account. New players are also given a free starter deck of cards.

The GODS token, an ERC-20 token, is the only cryptocurrency token of the video game Gods Unchained. GODS tokens can create NFTs, buy packs from the Gods Unchained Marketplace, and gain access to additional benefits by keeping the tokens in Immutable X.

This token also grants you voting rights, allowing you to participate in governance initiatives that affect the game’s future development.

6. Decentraland

You’ve probably heard about Decentraland if you’ve researched the top P2E games. You can play in this virtual environment based on the Ethereum blockchain to earn NFTs. In the Decentraland universe, several businesses are opening shops and selling land as NFTs.

This includes companies like Samsung, DKNY, Selfridges, and even athletic companies like Sketchers. In Decentraland, you can invest in MANA tokens in the hopes that their value would rise, or you can acquire LAND, represented by NFT plots.

Then, you’ll wish that the cost of your preferred polts increases so that you can turn a profit. Owning a piece of land will also provide you with financial gain in a casino. Of course, roulette, blackjack, and poker table ultimately find their way to casino proprietors. You can make a commission on the revenue as the proprietor of a casino NFT.

In contrast, working as a host at a casino is like being a dealer in that you deal with patrons. Although they seem like avatars, the casino patrons in Decentraland are real people. Advertising, organizing events, and charging clients for services are other ways that people might make money. You’ll need the following to participate in the Decentraland ecosystem:

7. Axie Infinity

A chunk of the game can be managed and controlled by players in Axie Infinity. Nintendo’s Pokémon series influenced this game. You can gain AXS tokens by participating in the game, and you can use them to change the course of the game.

You will gather monsters while playing and use them in battle. You will receive cryptocurrency tokens as compensation for killing monsters and finishing tasks. You will own your Axie NFTs and be able to sell them again, ideally at a profit.

It runs on the Ethereum blockchain using Ronin, a sidechain that lowers transaction costs and latency. As a result, its in-game currency is based on Ethereum. Additionally, axes can be crossed to produce possibly more potent.

You have complete possession of these Axies, so do so. As a result, remember that your Axis can be sold again and that you can also use them to obtain rewards while playing. If you locate someone who wants the NFT Axie you already own, you can buy it and sell it to them for a profit.

8. Alien Worlds

A blockchain-based metaverse is Alien Worlds. It exists on several blockchains, including WAX, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum (ETH) (BSC). Cofounders Sarojini McKenna and Michael Yeates, who both previously worked on the EOS blockchain, created the game.

Decentralized SciFi metaverse Alien Worlds uses WAX, Ethereum, and the Binance Smart Chain.

The game’s cryptocurrency is represented by the minerals you mine, so it’s clear how you may start making money from it. Alien Worlds lets you play the role of a space explorer. During the game, you will receive three mining machinery you can use to make planets.All you need to do is mine, after all. For example, Trillium is the money of Alien Worlds (TLM).

To begin the game, you must search for the so-called Alien Coins, which you may exchange or convert into NFTs of various planets. Your first planet must be purchased for 0.005 ETH to start.

Afterward, you can mine crystals with Aliens tokens or claim up to 100 free crystals daily. In addition to competing with other explorers and earning money from their virtual properties, players can mine the TLM token. Additionally, you can start earning money when you purchase an Alien Worlds land pack.

9. Sorare

A collectible NFT-based fantasy football (soccer) game called Sorare was released in 2019. Each digital card used on the Sorare platform is an NFT, making them all distinct.

With digital cards that have official licenses, players may trade and compete while earning incentives. According to the platform, Sorare has 245 clubs that are legally permitted, and more clubs are added weekly.

On the Ethereum blockchain, the NFT player cards are created and distributed. On the Sorare platform, players can purchase cards. Because the players own cards, they can be resold on peer-to-peer exchanges.

Due to its emphasis on fantasy football, Sorare differs from the other great P2E games we’ve been talking about lately. NFTs, or digital cards representing actual players, are available for purchase, collection, and exchange. On Sorare, you can make ETH tokens by winning biweekly tournaments or by selling your cards. The points determine the number of ETH tokens you receive you accrue using your cards.

More than 130 football teams already trust Sorare, and it is backed by renowned investors, including gaming behemoth Ubisoft. In Sorare, you’ll need a goalkeeper, an attacker, a defender, a midfielder, and one more player to make up each side of your team. For instance, the US division includes teams from Argentina, Mexico, and the United States.

Despite this, the Global All-Star round is the most viewed competition. There are two rounds each week in Sorare. Before the start of the following round, you must put together a team that is best suited for upcoming games. Atlético Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann and FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique are investors in the sport.

10. Forest Knight

One of the greatest play-to-earn NFT games for those who like the option of playing on a smartphone is Forest Knight. An ERC-20 token called $KNIGHT is the company’s cryptocurrency. Your character in this game is the Forest Knight. The objective of this game is to raise an army of courageous warriors to protect Chronville’s holdings.

Finally, you have to find the Skeleton Lord, your arch-enemy. To do this, you must kill ghouls, dragons, and wraiths. This mobile strategy game adds new daily tasks, which naturally yield rewards.

There are story quests and dungeons to do to gain money and resources. Players can upgrade their heroes’ equipment with the use of these products. Forest Knight got going.

One of the best games for free play and reward is this one. You must complete daily goals, go on adventures to take out evil guys, and gather achievements.

Forest Knight may interest you if you wish to try it. As you progress through this earn-to-play game, you’ll come across various characters, each with unique advantages and disadvantages.

The most significant way to ensure that your squad is strong is to provide them with the most potent NFTs on the market. Then, later, you’ll be able to combine these NFTs to produce something incredibly different and one-of-a-kind.

The NFTs you will truly own and have the option to sell are what we said. A PC and an Android device can be used to play this game. Additionally, you can purchase in-game items with the cryptocurrency MATIC.



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