5 Best Play-to-Earn Games for 2022

4 min readJun 29, 2022

Play-to-earn games leverage blockchain technology to enable players to earn cryptocurrency for their talent and effort. Games that let players engage in gameplay, such as fighting, breeding their in-game characters, finishing quests, or performing other activities, are called play-to-earn games. The top 5 cryptocurrency play-to-earn opportunities for 2022 are listed in this article.

  1. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is to create a global gaming network using Binance Smart Chain and Blockchain protocols. Games of chance, in our opinion, shouldn’t be restricted regionally or connected to regional financial systems. Instead, we want to increase transparency and fairness in games by designing contests and games.

Every participant has the chance of winning and also offering token holders a rewarding compensation scheme that benefits the community. Earlier this year, Lucky Block started trading on decentralized exchanges, with a tax of 12% on token sales going straight to the reward fund for Lucky Block.

In anticipation of prize drawings starting in mid-May 2022, the prize pool now stands at approximately $2.2 million. Using the Chainlink VRF technology, a random winner will be chosen for each prize, guaranteeing that Lucky Block complies with all applicable laws.

2. Silks

SIlk Game

Silks are the first derived play to obtain a metaverse replicating the actual world of thoroughbred horse racing. Essentially, Silks will link the publicly available data and statistics of genuine thoroughbred racehorses to NFTs.

In addition, your derivatives Silks Horse will receive token rewards if the real racehorse wins races or produces progeny. Silks’ goal is to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem in which participants are linked by a common goal, compatible incentives, and a remarkably satisfying ownership experience.

The Silks roadmap also details plans for an avatar public sale in the second quarter of 2022. In the third quarter, land and stables will be sold after the first public auction of Silks horses. Finally, in the fourth quarter of 2022, Silks players will access metaverse registration and on-ramping to produce racing and breeding incentives.

3. The Sandbox

One of the finest blockchain games to play to make money for artists is The Sandbox. A worldwide open-world game called The Sandbox was created. To decrease its carbon footprint and fees and boost speed, the game has since transitioned to Polygon’s layer 2.

This is a well-known crypto coin initiative by GameFi, and the game is most like Roblox or Minecraft. In the social center, you can plan adventures, create your world, and build games that can be profitably sold. For example, you might make your mini-game and charge people to play it.

The most valuable resource in The Sandbox is LAND. Each piece of LAND is an NFT, signifying ownership of virtual land. Additionally, players can create their original settings. As a result, you can let others use your LAND for a fee.

4. Splinterlands

One of the best P2E games utilizing NFT techniques based on card games is Splinterlands. This play-to-earn game connects to various systems and runs on the Hive blockchain. They were previously known as Steem Monsters, the card game. So said, players can engage in monster battles in exchange for rewards.

There are a set amount of cards available when the game begins. The number of cards you are awarded increases as you win more games and earn more quickly. You can level up by combining two or more of the same card.

Players can earn the ERC-20 token Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) by winning battles, selling cards, or participating in other activities. The most typical way to get DEC is by winning fights. Additionally, DEC is given based on your level, your opponent’s level, and the percentage of captures you secure in each battle.

5. PirateXPirate

The blockchain-based turn-based strategy game Pirate X Pirate is an NFT adventure game. You can earn money in this virtual world by participating in high-seas adventures in the game “Come Play to Earn.”

Build your fleet, hire a crew, and then test your mettle against other pirates to earn some cash. You and your fleet will contribute to developing a self-sufficient pirate metaverse. A quest’s rewards and completion deadlines are determined by the size of the ship and the crew’s complementary skills.

For operations that are quicker to complete and require less time, smaller ships are often used. Conversely, larger vessels are intended to embark on more challenging journeys that need more time to accomplish but pay off handsomely.

Final Thoughts

We’ve discussed the top five play-to-earn games for 2022 and the use of bitcoin and NFTs for earning money. The number of play-to-earn cryptocurrency games has been growing, and as we’ve discussed today, there are many different genres.




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